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06 April 2009 @ 12:11 pm
Recently I have been listening to 明日晴れるかな piano version. It has the "healing" factor XD

#1 Toma's Jweb & TomaPi

Toma mentioned in his J-web 4th April that he will be singing in Domoto Brothers!!!!!
For those who do not know, he will be on Domoto Kyodai which will air on 26th April. Toma himself said, that this is rare! How long has it been since he is given the chance to sing LIVE?
Please let file be available immediately!

Reading his jweb makes me emo a bit~ It doesnt help that Im listening to "Open Your Eyes" right now (^^;)

I truly admire himCollapse )

If there is ever a chance for a mini-reunion of 4TOPS, I will get the ticket without even thinking twice. Same for Ya-Ya-Yah but we all know that is not possible because Taiyou is no longer around.
Hopefully with this, you guys would have understand why I'm still a fan of 8 NEWS.
At the end of the day, 6 NEWS or 8 NEWS are but just numbers to me because, their friendship to me, pwns everything else.

#2 Koyama's recent jwebs
Not exactly a translation but you'll get the gist of it ^^

Oh Tegoshi~ what would it be like if he's a real friend of mine >DCollapse )

I still can't get over this:

Seriously, just how old is Tegoshi again?

#3 Shige's NEWSmile
No full translation also because I have yet to see the original NEWSmile.

Poor Shige was really sick last Wednesday.
He suffered from the hay fever and he received a shot on the butt by his doctor.
"No matter how you see this, its embarassing (laughs)

It seems like my nose was bleeding while I was asleep. Because when I woke up, my pillow was covered with blood (οдО;)"

Guess, his immune system is indeed weak. Butt shots still amuse me though. Adults here won't be shot on the butt (^^;)

#4 Japan Yoshimoto Group invested 150 billion KRW on U-Kiss

WOW.Collapse )

http://uwasako.livejournal.com/45896.html > I don't know what to say. But seriously, why just before your tour? Reminds me of Playzone incident =.=

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