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28 October 2008 @ 12:10 pm
We love you Sylvia~  
Thank you to everyone who left me comments on the previous post. Some of you smsed and even called me. Really thank you very much. I also read a few dedication post to her. I am very happy that she was liked by many of you too.
As I was writing this, I kept reminding myself of the people in my flist who have lost someone in their lives before. And how they have moved on now or seemed stronger than before, somehow they make me stronger too. Or rather I want to move on faster! But I know this is a slow process.. This is definitely depressing. But we all have to go through it once in awhile ne~

Yeah I took her default icon just because...<3

nichiya did an almost similar post. I figured I should too since, my flist knows sylviaunited more than her flist does.
A review of what her last few days were like. In memory... her ryoshige lives on

snowy_yuki, nichiya, misao_shige, alize_sakura, and nishikido88 went to her funeral early this morning. However, they couldn't make it to the whole ceremony as the place was pretty far. When everything ended, they sent their deepest condolences to Syl's family members and talked to her sisters. It seemed like, after snowy_yuki & nichiya went to visit her last Saturday, she was down with a high fever.

But on Sunday, Syl called nichiya to complained about snowy_yuki who didn't answer her calls (snowy_yuki fell alseep the whole day =.=). Syl also told nichiya that she will be staying with her parents once she is dismissed. And she will collect whatever goods from her boarding house on her own whenever she is free (T___T)

On Monday, she called snowy_yuki. Asked about things and she asked about me. If I had received any of her sms. snowy_yuki said that she will ask me later and as she was really busy at that time, she needed to hang up and promised to return her call after lunch. But Syl said that she will be undergoing another operation around noon, for the doctors to take some sample from her bone marrow so she won't be able to take calls. Glad she made this call. But who knows it was going to be her last o(>_<)O

Note: I did not received any sms from her. Not at all T____T So I was super upset as I didn't know she had tried sms-ing me. I did sent her a few sms too but only got a reply once, that was also when she was released from Intensive care. No reply after that. Which is weird! Something must have went wrong with the provider. Stupid.

That was probably the last time, both snowy_yuki and nichiya hear from her.
Anyway, her condition deteriorated after the operation. As her fever did not subside, she was put into the Intensive Care Unit once again. By then, her body no longer react to any medication. And I think, her family was prepared. So everyone one of them was beside her. She had her loved ones there with her. At least, I am sure she wasn't alone and felt all the love she needed.

snowy_yuki, nichiya, daelite and I were talking about when was the first time we interacted with her. Sadly for me, I don't remember much. All I know is that, snowy_yuki is the one who introduced her to me. She starts butting in my comments randomly, before she started commenting on my LJ entries, which was on October last year. How we ended up in chat convos almost everynight eversince Dec/Jan, I really could'nt recall. But we got along very well.
It is amazing how close we became despite knowing her for barely a year. I never got the chance to meet her but that doesn't stop her from being one of my closest friend. In fact, she was even closer to me than a few of my buddies in real-life (>_<)

Syl was a beautiful and cheerful person. And was always making us laugh with her little idiosyncrasies and randomness. We gave her a nick, "Sylvia-random-united" because she gets extremely random! Even in her comments, she wouldn't really address the issue but spam us with silly stuffs. Which usually ended up being a spam because we kinda play along with her comments. And did I tell you she butt in anyone's comment as and when she felt like? Yeah...that's Sylvia. Somehow, now, she reminded me of Tegoshi LOL.

Thanks to her, I got to know a couple of people, who now are also my friends. Thanks to her, I can be myself online. My thoughts, my rants;be it real-life or fandom, other fandom:Manchester United, FRH, my silly dreams, just anything....I can talk to her just about anything. It's mutual.

Another thing that I admire about her is that she was fighter. And a very passionate person. She believed in Manchester United. She belived in Uchi and Kusano. She belived in 8 NEWS more than anyone else that I have come acrossed. And she never, not once, lose faith in any of them. And her passion for Ryoshige, remained with her til her last few days. The last fic that she read was multi-chapter "LDD" by misticloud but she was hospitalized before the fic was completed. She loved ALL misticloud fics by the way.
It is also her fault that I have started reading more fics. LOL.

Picture below was when taken snowy_yuki & nichiya went to visit her last Saturday. Sylvia still had the smile on her face ♥

When they came to visit her last Saturday, she was so happy that she nearly cried. And of course, snowy_yuki updated her on every Ryoshige updates there was. From Ryo's jweb to mag's carpet interview to LDD final few chapters. She became speechless when she heard those. During that time, she also managed to listen to "Happy Birthday" through nichiya's ipod. And she can only smile.
At that time, Syl couldn't move her legs at all but could still talk. Eventhough it seemed really difficult on her part to talk, the three of them had a good time chatting.
Before the both of them left, they gave her Happy Birthday single as a gift.

So Sylvia was still the Sylvia that we know even when she was fighting for her life. We believed that she had fought all she could but God loves her more than anyone else does. Meningitis is said to be an illness where only the lucky ones survived. You guys might want to youtube a few videos. Scary. Eventhough Sylvia wasn't among the lucky ones, I dare say that, she is now in good hands.

I really am thankful, that I have snowy_yuki, nichiya and daelite who are in this together with me. We are still affected, despite how everyone of us are trying to live our day as per normal. So long we are in this fandom, in this LJ, is alive, we will always be reminded of her. But we will be ok...Eventually.

Anyway, I am not sure, what would be good for her family but I would like to send something. To show them that Sylvi was a wonderful friend and will always be remembered. They should be proud that they had her as their daughter.

We would also like to send NEWS a note to tell them about her. Not sure yet as to how we plan to do it....Hmm~


We love you Syl with all our hearts.
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maruyama ruthie: broken hearttegoshitteruth on October 27th, 2008 06:21 pm (UTC)
she's so pretty and she'll always be...
reading this... see sylvia for the first time *i've never met her btw*, and realised that she's gone...

my heart couldn't say nothing but, syl, hope you really fine right there now...

thx for everything you've done for me as i've been your f-list...
you're beautiful and will always be.

will miss you much.

w_ryoku: ..waiting..w_ryoku on October 28th, 2008 04:55 pm (UTC)
She's pretty ne~ Words can only say so much so its ok ^^