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30 July 2013 @ 12:14 am
PERFECTION that is Kato Shigeaki  
In the whole of my fandom life, I have only truly stan 2 person.

Kato Shigeaki of NEWS
Lee Sungyeol of INFINITE

This post is for my lovely fellow Sungyeol stans who somehow wanted to know more about Shige.
(I am still surprised tbh)

Sharing is caring so here goes~

Kato Shigeaki [加藤シゲアキ] :11/07/1987
- Law Graduate from Aoyama University
- Held a mini-photo exhibition to commemorate his 2nd novel "Senkou Scramble"
- Wrote two novels so far, 1st being "Pink to Gray" which has a manga version now

Onto his collections of jweb (hp diary service that can only be read by NEWS fanclub)