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30 July 2013 @ 12:14 am
In the whole of my fandom life, I have only truly stan 2 person.

Kato Shigeaki of NEWS
Lee Sungyeol of INFINITE

This post is for my lovely fellow Sungyeol stans who somehow wanted to know more about Shige.
(I am still surprised tbh)

Sharing is caring so here goes~

Kato Shigeaki [加藤シゲアキ] :11/07/1987
- Law Graduate from Aoyama University
- Held a mini-photo exhibition to commemorate his 2nd novel "Senkou Scramble"
- Wrote two novels so far, 1st being "Pink to Gray" which has a manga version now

Onto his collections of jweb (hp diary service that can only be read by NEWS fanclub)
08 October 2011 @ 01:42 am
I did not choose to keep this journal for this moment.

Who would have guessed....
such a simple FOUR LETTER WORD can create a stir in my life. Like seriously.


Im glad adulthood took over.....................somehow.

Not that Im not affected by the latest news.

But really, as much sugary, fun, happy, fandom had made us feel........it is not & never will be my real-life.

Someone asked me what makes me leave fandom (I did not, never did leave...just sort of drift away and let others "took over" updating about NEWS etc)
All I can say was, sylviaunited's passing on "WOKE" me up.

Back to the main topic:
the marketing side for this agency is really dumb.

Give us 1 LAST DVD
as 6 NEWS
................................................then I believed 100% us fans will accept it better.
And sales would have been SUPER HIGH coz everyone will be buying multiple copies of ALL EDITION, yes or yes?

Oh swells.

Back to ranting in twitter/YM/FB

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12 February 2011 @ 08:52 pm
All I have to say is.....


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05 October 2010 @ 02:07 am
I admit. I seriously do not know what to update this LJ with. Fandom sure does not need me anymore lol.

So as I sit in front of my laptop, thinking hard about this.......Looking back at my LJ entries, which also made me realised that I have quite a number of locked/unposted entries XD  brought back memories of how my life in LJ startedPhotobucket

I even forgot most of the LJ codes/html whatsoever D:Collapse )

Before I end, I would like to know what are you guys doing now in RL? I read a few LJs and I see some of you have started working. Care to share?
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27 April 2009 @ 03:32 am
Shoutout: queenofalldorks* Why didn't you tell me you change your username?? *pokes pokes*

Wassup' everyone?!!

Another random entry to prove that I'm alive.
Super busy period again (>_<)
Nowadays I cannot go online as much as I used to so whenever I can, then I will reply to comments and most importantly, reply on YOUR entries!

Random mentions
Photobucket Massu immediately said "Uchi~" like its the most natural thing to say when he was asked who is the same age as he is. Its a switch from not-being-able-to-say-anything-about-Uchi na~

Photobucket Massu replied "Shige", when he was asked "Who in NEWS are you close to?"

Photobucket When K-taro asked who in NEWS will he date, giving Massu 3 choices: A)Koyama B)Shige C)Tegoshi..Massu answered Shige again. While both YokoHina said Tegoshi XD

Photobucket TOMA on SCP is loved!! It is not as emo and you can so feel his sincerity and maturity and his love for Yamapi, Matsujun and "No Borders" though he didn't mention them in detail XD

Photobucket NEWS on MS..totally did not expect those white costumes. What is Johnnys trying to pull with Puzzle & NEWS current image I dont know but I am not complaining 8D

#1 Attended a prestigious event at Goodwood Park Hotel a few nights ago.
Goodwood Park Hotel probably has the best food so far in my list of hotel food. Ok so its a 5-star hotel but still~ The meat, the seafood, dessert.....SO DAMN GOOD! Too bad that day I didn't quite manage to indulge myself with their dessert lol.
Kirakira~Collapse )

#2 Wants MC parts of Concerts only!!

So almost every NEWS fans had flailed over the DVD that comes along with the new single and is praying for the full DVD to be out.
I'm not against DVD release but can I have more MCs in that upcoming release please?

While we are at it, I don't think I have ever posted these before...
The 31st Dec Concert was not very memorable so only posting these:
My seats for the Osaka Concerts.Collapse )

And, I want to try posting one entry a day. You know, like those Japanese blogs. A pic and a random short post of the day type. Doubt I can even commit on that lol but I want to try! xD

I need to catch up with Arashi and dramas too (>_<)

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06 April 2009 @ 12:11 pm
Recently I have been listening to 明日晴れるかな piano version. It has the "healing" factor XD

#1 Toma's Jweb & TomaPi

Toma mentioned in his J-web 4th April that he will be singing in Domoto Brothers!!!!!
For those who do not know, he will be on Domoto Kyodai which will air on 26th April. Toma himself said, that this is rare! How long has it been since he is given the chance to sing LIVE?
Please let file be available immediately!

Reading his jweb makes me emo a bit~ It doesnt help that Im listening to "Open Your Eyes" right now (^^;)

I truly admire himCollapse )

If there is ever a chance for a mini-reunion of 4TOPS, I will get the ticket without even thinking twice. Same for Ya-Ya-Yah but we all know that is not possible because Taiyou is no longer around.
Hopefully with this, you guys would have understand why I'm still a fan of 8 NEWS.
At the end of the day, 6 NEWS or 8 NEWS are but just numbers to me because, their friendship to me, pwns everything else.

#2 Koyama's recent jwebs
Not exactly a translation but you'll get the gist of it ^^

Oh Tegoshi~ what would it be like if he's a real friend of mine >DCollapse )

I still can't get over this:

Seriously, just how old is Tegoshi again?

#3 Shige's NEWSmile
No full translation also because I have yet to see the original NEWSmile.

Poor Shige was really sick last Wednesday.
He suffered from the hay fever and he received a shot on the butt by his doctor.
"No matter how you see this, its embarassing (laughs)

It seems like my nose was bleeding while I was asleep. Because when I woke up, my pillow was covered with blood (οдО;)"

Guess, his immune system is indeed weak. Butt shots still amuse me though. Adults here won't be shot on the butt (^^;)

#4 Japan Yoshimoto Group invested 150 billion KRW on U-Kiss

WOW.Collapse )

http://uwasako.livejournal.com/45896.html > I don't know what to say. But seriously, why just before your tour? Reminds me of Playzone incident =.=

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04 April 2009 @ 02:19 pm
I fail at updating. I fail at replying comments.
Really sorry about that (>_<)
I have been more busy than ever, even though I have been online and catching up with updates leaving random comments here & there whenever I can or need to.

Will flail more on the updates when I can find the time to sit down & make a proper post.

Probably my favorite song in this single. The lyrics mean a lot to me.

"If you open your eyes, akiramenaide your dreams come true~"

And am pimping this: http://community.livejournal.com/news_jpop/3934767.html

I wonder if there's anyone in my flist who refuse to download this.
Probably you should defriend me now D:


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28 October 2008 @ 12:10 pm
Thank you to everyone who left me comments on the previous post. Some of you smsed and even called me. Really thank you very much. I also read a few dedication post to her. I am very happy that she was liked by many of you too.
As I was writing this, I kept reminding myself of the people in my flist who have lost someone in their lives before. And how they have moved on now or seemed stronger than before, somehow they make me stronger too. Or rather I want to move on faster! But I know this is a slow process.. This is definitely depressing. But we all have to go through it once in awhile ne~

Yeah I took her default icon just because...<3

nichiya did an almost similar post. I figured I should too since, my flist knows sylviaunited more than her flist does.
A review of what her last few days were like. In memory... her ryoshige lives onCollapse )


We love you Syl with all our hearts.
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26 October 2008 @ 06:38 pm
I just received a phonecall from one of Sylvi's friend, Veronica (no idea who she is) but she is nice enough to informed me that our dear friend, Sylvia Marina has just passed away 30mins ago. I couldn't believe my ears as it was an overseas call and I did not recognise the number. So I called Heppy instantly to confirmed. Heppy later called Sylvi's sister and the news is true after all.

03-05-1978 to 26-10-2008

I am still crying and shaking. I don't know what happened because she was getting better as she was said to be recovering from meningitis. Now I'm trying to remember when was the last time I talked to her T___T
I am still not over this yet but it would be unfair for us to not let her go peacefully.
I only got to know her for a year but we clicked pretty well and pretty much shared the same views in many things. We chat for almost every night and I consider her one of my best online friends. It is very sad that I never got the chance to meet her in real-life. It is sad that I did not get to talk to her when she was hospitalised. But all the memories I have of her are beautiful memories. And I am thankful that I was given the chance to be her friend.

This is my first time, losing a very close friend. But this also makes me treasure my loved ones more.

♥ Thank you Sylvi ♥ May you rest in peace ♥
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26 October 2008 @ 03:34 am
I'm sure you guys have read this. So I will only update what is not found there.

Various reports on the con!Collapse )

So I have just seen BJ and Fuka2 Live....PLEASE LET ME GO TO K8 NEXT CONCERT!!! K8 Concert saikou~!!!!!!!!
Maa~ Ive always love a LIVE band ^^


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25 October 2008 @ 09:18 pm
I know some of you kinda judge me from the previous post. But that's ok. Everyone has their own opinions. Don't get me wrong though. How the goods came about, I still don't see the relation with the theme. But I was not saying that the goods were horrible. In fact, they are decent-looking. They achieved the "adult and clean" look that they want. At least they dont have crazy designs.
It's just that my point of view in the previous post was purely on a designer's point of view.

Photobucket Thankfully the uchiwas are by far the most good-looking ones ever! Photobucket
This will only means that the pamphlet will be superb! *scans come quick*
Btw the hat pin is really huge! O.o For your information, this hatpin idea comes from Disneyland hat pin idea. HERE
Ring is apparently huge too, fans said it fits yakuza guys better.
The strap looks much better like this! Doesn't look cheap anymore XD


credits: chocomero

So Yamapi had golden curls? Will try to look for this proof! I have found slightly clearer photosets but shall only update with Shige's for now XD
When I read over at Nana's saying that Shige's hairstyle has changed, only one thing comes to mind...I need proof so...here it is!

Verdict?Collapse )

Updated Concert Songlist with solo titles

Songlist seems shortCollapse )

Up next, the things I hope to see soon are panfu scans, concert reports, hopefully mp3 of the solos! =D
I have come across 1 MC report so far. Seems like the topic revolves around Massu & TakkiTsuba. For sure the talk will be about Massu na~ since we know Massu always crash TakkiTsuba's date XD
If I can find a few more reports, I will either edit this post or make a new one later.

Be right back after dinner! ;)
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16 October 2008 @ 02:40 am
I usually checked my gmail late so, I just saw daelite's email to me.

For the Ryoshige/Nishikato fans in my flist.

In NEWSmile yesterday, it's Ryo's turn to talk about whom he recently hang out with.







Rough translation:
Ryo said that he has not met the members recently as he was busy filming for his drama.
So everyone, watch it ne~

Shige too, do watch it.

Yosh! Let's do it



[The part where Ryo mentioned Shige's name, he used "mite morau", which is a form used when someone is asking a person a favour or want someone to do something. And I don't quite understand what the Banbina part is about though lol]

And oh..if you guys have read this..Heppy asked me what do I think of the carpet incident.
I told her, knowing the kind of person Ryo seems to be, I say...there is no such stain (^^)v
Ryo gave it away because Shige likes it. But he couldn't say that so he had to come up with something XDD

Ok, I should really be sleeping now. Having another batch of Japanese students over. I need to wake up around 0630hrs!

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10 October 2008 @ 05:48 pm
EDIT: Daelite just emailed me saying that Koyama just mentioned in his jweb that MURARISUTO is a KOYASHIGE DUET!! And it is even more hentai than "CHIRAIZUMU" LMAO

Cap credits: lenx9832

I actually like Jun's new hair XD Reminds me of his younger days...so cute! Anyway Matsujun is the ONE guy who looks good with almost any hair. Amongst all the Johnnys perm (excluding Nagase coz Nagase screams perm), his perm in "Kimi was Petto" is still the best! *bias*

#2 NEWS Concert theme, "Celeb Party"
Have been wanting to talk about this but never got the chance.
From a Kei-chan News report, I think its last week's where Tegoshi was also the guest:
According to Koyama they decided to stop putting the name, "NEWS" in the concert tour themes, so chose "Celeb Party" instead.
And then both of them asked the people who are attending the concert to dress like they would to a party.

Note: Wear as if you are going to a party? LOL
I wonder what the goods will be like then. Party hats? Bag will be designed like those party bags? Er...A snack of their own design on the packaging? Maybe sponsored by Lawsons? XDD

Since the theme is "Party" what do you think other goods will be?

Ah yes....I like the fact that they stick to the "One-word" concept of NEWS album.

Having Snow Express and Weeeek is a brilliant idea because fans from all over the world and even the Japanese fans LOVE this song! Weeeek has been released but fans still love it. Non-NEWS fans love it. Everyone loves it.

Still wondering about the possible Duets/Trios of this album lol. Can pretty much guess who belongs to which song heh.
But having "Towa iro no koi" added abit to the dampening of my mood yesterday (^^;)
Japanese fandom at mixi also had similar thoughts.
Oh well~

#4 Kanjani 8 will be on Domoto Kyodai 26th October 2008 =D
Can!Jani is good so far! Shall give it a few more episodes to see if I can follow with it weekly ^^
I think Im going to like K8 new single as a whole coz "Michishirube" is nice too!

Nothing much to say but TFP was fun to watch XD
Nino is a very good leader and I like it when they linked the siblings together. Toda Erika sucks at games though lol.
Can the drama just start already? WANNA WATCH LOW IQ RYO XD
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01 October 2008 @ 03:20 am
I have been sick. Asthma paid a visit. Migraine too. And with our celebration here, I couldn't find the time to blog or go through flist.

But just one thing to take note of, last week Recomen mentioned this:

横 「来週なんと大発表があります!!


Yoko "Next week, we have a HUGE announcemnt!! It is really an amazing thing. And the guest for next week will be Kazama"

Note: Next week in Recomen would mean this coming Thursday, before the Music Station SP ;)

Her condition is not serious. Or at least that is what her sister said. She has to go for a few more tests before the doctor can decide what her next treatment will be.
This also means that she will be spending her "Hari Raya" at the hospital.
Let's all pray for her health ok.
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24 September 2008 @ 02:13 pm

heroismine pointed this out yesterday. It should be true...right? But Johnnys official site has nothing for KANJANI8 so IDK. And the fact that there's no news of them releasing a single/album whatsoever, I'm assuming that it will be a medley for KANJANI8 should they really turn up for that Music Station.

But then again, Koyama mentioned in his Member's AI jweb 385 entry
  • 話変わりますが、



Translation by daelite:
But I was watching Music Station and during the ending they introduced next week's guest
And at the end they said NEWS! and I was surprised!!
Because I didn't know :)

So most probably KANJANI8 has not been informed yet? LOL. Oh well~
>> Last year's medley was superb! <<
^ Reading that old post, makes me miss Ya-Ya-Yah shows a heck lot! *refers to report I did in that entry*

What could happen in this MS episode ^^
Photobucket Ryo be placed smack in the middle of the 2 groups and wear a mismatch of K8 and NEWS costume XD
Photobucket Ryo look especially awkward/shy XD
Photobucket YokoHina out-talk everyone in K8 AND NEWS. And they will specifically pick on Ryo and he will have the awkward/shy/lost look on his face again

Things I want to see in this MS:
1) Koyama talked about going karaoke together with MARUYAMA in his Member's AI jweb 386 entry
Photobucket Koyama called Maru, "Maru-chan" and said that Maru-chan is very funny
Photobucket They sang "Osaka Romanesque" together and they harmonised well Photobucket

2) Avoid asking Ryo which group he prefers. Though I actually don't mind much coz I like seeing his expression when that question is thrown to him lol. But yeah...give that boy a chance.

3) Yoko x Massu. This is epic XD

Note: Koyama seems to be spreading his Member's Ai very well ne~ even move his "Ai" to KANJANI8 now. Uchi now please
Must keep tracking of his jweb as of now ;)

Besides Johnnys
- Looking forward to "Perfume"'s talk XDDDD
- Aqua Timez!!!! They always seem to perform when NEWS is there =D

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23 September 2008 @ 10:11 am
So the over-worked-brain me has finally gotten more than enough sleep. Totally skipped tuition and slept from 7.30pm yesterday evening. The me that I know will not sleep that early (= =;)
And sorethroat came to pay a visit. Darn.

I wanted to choose a pairing icon for this Duet entry but the only pairing icons I have are not in existence at the moment xP

#1 Yamapi's recent NewSmile entry
  • 小山と一緒に曲も作ったりしてる,みんなに聞かせられたらな~と思います
Rough translation:
I'm composing a song together with Koyama
[Must let everyone hear it na~]..that's what I thought.

As I have mentioned before,
Koyama and Yamapi have been talking about hanging out together for the past 3 weeks. Was wondering why, until ryu_no_sora pm me last week, regarding the above mentioned entry by Yamapi.
It seems to me, Koyama and Yamapi might have a duet for NEWS upcoming con =D
Some Japanese fans have pointed out that there is a high chance that their performance will be sexy, considering how Koyama tends to dance ^^;
Photobucket Think RyOkura Torn performance and you will get their point ;)

And as usual, quite a number of Japanese fans had discussed this.
>> What about the other 4 guys?

#2 Other Duets could be....

And here is what I think.
What do you guys think? Which is your pick? Maybe I should make a poll lol

Other possible DUETS~ under the cutCollapse )

#3 Ryo looks serious while Nino is looking cute XD

Nino in pink! <3 Oh how can he be the elder brother~ But Nino is such a damn good actor so he shall prove that the role is suitable for him (^^)v
I'm definitely watching this season's drama. Maybe only this though ^^;

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22 September 2008 @ 11:10 am
Note to Heppy: This was not the entry I intended to post. That will have to wait coz.... ^^;

Note to self: Too drained out lately but STOP PROCASTINATING! (>_<)

#1 Rumor for Ryusei no Kizuna will disappear now.

Because it has been announced that Arashi will sing the opening theme for Ryusei no Kizuna, [Beautiful Days] which will be released on the 5th of November.

Rough translation.
- Ryo and Nino went for a drink to get to know each other better.
- According to Nino, there are not many people who can be friends with both him and Matsujun. So he admired Ryo for being able to. According to Nino, Ryo is matured, that's why.
- Ryo mentioned that he was surprised looking at the script. Because it is the first time he sees words like "Sex" and "Condom" easily being used in it.

Source from here

Comments: As much as many will think, "Arashi again? =.="
I will have to say that this is not surprising. I'm actually glad now its Arashi and unlike what the rumors stated, about Ryo and one other person (who is not Nino) in a duo. Come on, Ryo already has two groups. Putting him in a side unit will just be weird. Either way, it didn't work out as I expected but I'm not complaining because it only shows that JA has still not decided on that yet. Though it could have been NEWS instead since their supposedly rumored album is going to be release soon. But JA might have other plans for them. *snorts* Who knows~

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17 September 2008 @ 02:55 am
  • I think I have only mentioned anything-Korean once, here in this LJ. When SUJU was involved in the accident last year =/
  • Random: Maybe none of you know this but I'm actually a huge fan of Lee Jun ki! =D
  • And no...don't worry Im not converted what so ever LOL.

Just that, this guy deserves some pimpin! Never fail to impress me with his moves and creativity.
For those of you who are in the Korean fandom, you might know who is he >D

Enough said. I go for the talent Photobucket

Presenting "TK"

He's funny too XD

On a more Johhnys fandom note. Finally get to talk to Cami!!!
Still can't make up my mind yet. Will need to contact a few more people! Hopefully Yusaku and Hiroshi is contactable before Friday...

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14 September 2008 @ 01:13 am
Studying of secondary school maths is easy after all lol.

Random quote:

DUET OCTOBER 2008 from Kato Shigeaki

今月は、「めっちゃデカイ」と評判の(!?)耳を語てもらいました~! でかいです、俺の耳! 

#1 Koyama's jweb Love 383

KoyaPi anyone??Collapse )

#2 THAT dance....stays with Shoon forever

The boys should be given a drama! To improve their acting skills too ^^
Miss Ya-Ya-Yah shows na~

credits: kamichan_ya3

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I don't usually do this.
Maybe it is because I'm very sleepy that I'm seeing things.
Even if you have watched this clip, please watch it again.
I just got to see this and I can't help it when..

>> *points to guy behind Ryo* Does Ryo have a twin with a different side parting or...........?

>> "Ryo's twin" is standing near Koyama. Minute parts of him can be seen.

Anyone know where I can get a HQ clip for this please?

OK. I shall go to sleep now because I have three classes to attend to tmr.

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11 September 2008 @ 02:11 pm
Happy Belated Birthday YODOGAWA, UCHI, SHOTA!!
Since Uchi's birthday is on a Wednesday, I wonder if Koyama is going to mention anything in tomorrow's jweb.......
Shige already made my day by mentioning Uchi as often as he can in the latest Duet ♥

sylviaunited, snowy_yuki, nichiya, daelite, misticloud, shounenaidesu, asouka_0_0 and btrlucktomorrow

Sorry I didn't talk much. It doesn't help when I still have some paperwork to do for the auditors.

#1 New Japanese friend, Yuina Arai, 20, Tokyo

Bits about her: An intern, a NEWS fan but not really up to date with Johnnys stuff. It's kinda weird how I was the one who updated her with the infos LOL. Fave NEWS member is Massu. And she stays near Massu!!!!!! Met him a couple of times at the train station XD

More on this will be in the next entry. No time to edit the pix/videos.

Outcome: New friend! A house near Massu! 8D, Very nice purikuras!, ACHING BODY ESPECIALLY MY LEGS @_@

#3 NEWS WINTER CON (is that the finalized name? O.o)

So having discussed this since August with the girls, though expected, I am still slightly surprised because didn't expect NEWS to take over Kinki Kids and that their con to start in October.
Was not very happy at the announcement because they HAD to announced this just as I decided that Winter trip is muri for me this year LOL.
Now I have to try and make things work out for this trip. Whatever the case is, I'm aiming for the Osaka con should I really go. BUT its dome!! *pouts*
Furthermore, 'L' won't be there while Cami will not be free =_= and Yusaku is a salaryman.....wonder if I will get to meet him.

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10 August 2008 @ 08:42 pm
I know Im supposed to do reports but waking up to the DVD-rips totally killed me!
Shige's wagahai has ended. And he mentioned something about having work with NEWS next. Is that a hint dear Shige?
Reports will be up soon.....I hope (^^;)

Shige/Koyashige/Ryoshige fans has to see this:
Its a short 4 min, LQ clip. BUT OMG SO WORTH! Of course, if you are the kind who doesnt mind spoilers. If you do, DONT CLICK XP



I see lotsa "MIGI-ME" pose from Tego & Kei caps too =D

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05 August 2008 @ 11:38 am
Enough of busy weekends.

#1 Bits of a very-short homestay last weekend:

- 9 year-old japanese girl, Moyu-chan is really cute and the 12 yr-old, Hirose-chan is a sweet girl.
- Moyu's mom is a huge Arashi fan and Moyu have been to a Arashi con before but she thought the concert was...weird XD I bet with her mother's support, she will bound to like them in the future =D
- Hirose is a VisualKei fan who likes SID a lot
: BUT she is also an Arashi fan.
: Only knows Yamapi & Ryo from NEWS & K8 (for Ryo's case)
: Has Summer Time PV in her handphone though. When I showed her the making of of the PV, she pointed to Shige, "He is in PapaMusu deshou? And...Hokaben?" LOL

Oh Shige~ people recognize you after all. Just not as a Johnnys *pats pats*

#3 Kchan NEWS with Shige, 08/08/04
Download:Collapse )

#4 Tomomi's House

Went over to Tomomi's place for dinner and met Ayumi. Her Japanese friend who has converted and married an Indian-Muslim guy from Singapore. Such a cute couple, just like Tomomi and her Singaporean husband ^^

Cuts for picturesCollapse )


While I was at Tomomi's place, mom called and ask, "Did you order frames & stuff from Japan? There are 2 parcels here"
Me: *squeals*

YAY~Collapse )

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03 August 2008 @ 11:09 pm
Another busy weekends with Japanese homestay and dinners and stuff...real-life can be really taxing so Im still behind flist, commenting. I just reached home from Ritz Carlton hotel. Damn Hajar had to remind me about SC when I actually have forgotten about it LOL. However, I managed to get hold of the remote only 10 minutes before the show ends but still Im flailing XD

Seen a few reports of Osaka shows but nothing much yet...maybe next update will be a summarize od Kchan News with Masuda and that mini-Osaka report if I can finish whatever I need to do soon ;)
Even though the guest if not Shige, his name was mentioned quite a number of times XDD

Random but "black hair shota" =D
though he reminds me of a friend in Egypt..oh-the-horror LOL

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29 July 2008 @ 04:09 pm
Sorry for not updating/commenting lately~ Im not even sure what I was busy with (^^;)
Anyway, here's a few update before I leave for tuition! (2 classes tonight ><)

#1 ARASHI-related
Photobucket Draw Away~
http://www.ntv.co.jp/24h/drama2008/index.html >> THIS IS FUN =D

Photobucket matsujunkie found something interesting relating to Ohno's "scandal". Seriously, the magazines' publisher should give up already. If you want to post something, post real clear photos which is within a months old! I always wonder why even the non-papa pics are not clear...something wrong with all their cameras? LOL
And if it is a serious case of drugs involved, let the police do the work.

I don't care if the gossips are true or not. But poor quality photos & VERY old news gets on my nerves. Even my sucky lens give clear pictures or at least photoshop is there for a reason ya know~ *rolls eyes*

Those who have vox can go to her blog ^^

#2 More on Shige Curtain call reports

Photobucket Before that, Massu went for the 14th show (26/7)
According to one of the reports, there were more cameras around on which might be the cause of Shige's extremely high tension that day. The cameras seemed like they were for tv shows or maybe even recordings but she was not sure.

Photobucket Koyama went to the 17th show (the second show on 27/7)

Shige was still undecided on his script even after the leaflet was releasedCollapse )
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18 July 2008 @ 11:11 am
It's not always about Shige you know XDD

New drama/SP - TBS
金10 「流星の絆」 W官藤官九郎
 二宮和也 錦戸亮 戸田恵梨香 内田有紀

Rumored drama [Meteor Ties] starring Ninomiya Kazunari, Nishikido Ryo, Toda Erika & Uchida Yuki (the one in Bambino as Miyuki)
Both Yellows of the group unite XD

Storyline: (taken from HERE)
惨殺された両親の仇討ちを流星に誓いあった三兄妹。;『兄貴、妹は本気だよ。俺たちの仇の息子に惚れてるよ』;14年後、彼らが仕掛けた復 讐計画の最大の誤算は、妹の恋心だった。; ;ハヤシライスが看板メニューの洋食店『アリアケ』の経営者夫妻が殺された。功一、泰輔、静奈の三兄弟がペルセウス座流星群を見に出ていた間の惨劇だっ た。;泰輔は店の裏口から出ていく男を目撃したが、犯人特定は難航し、時は流れる。;14年後。ひっそりと肩寄せ合ってきた三人は、静奈と功一がたてつづ けに騙されたことで、静奈の美貌を利用した結婚詐欺で生き抜いていく。その最後のターゲットが、レストランチェーン『とがみ亭』の御曹司・戸神行成。功一 のたてた作戦で、擬態名人の泰輔と静奈は行成に近づく。; ;だが――; ;泰輔が見た行成の父親は、あの夜に目撃した男だった。;静奈が口にした『とがみ亭』のハヤシライスは父親の味だった。;功一は、結婚詐欺ではなく、両親 の仇を討つことを決意する。

Loose Translation (taken from HERE)
The story revolves around 3 siblings. On the night they met up to watch shooting stars, their parents got murdered. In revenge and survival, they become swindlers to cheat money from the rich.
Heard that Nino will be the eldest brother, with very good brains, the mastermind of scheming all the plans!
Ryo will be 2nd brother who wears various costumes as his technique. (in my opinion this is highly interesting to watch LOL)
The sister will use seduction.

> Rumor taken from a Chinese BBS (no links)

Eventhough this is a rumor, it sounds good enough for me! However, Ryo in a winter drama would also mean that NEWS may not have anything in Fall/Winter period. An end-of-e-year Winter con seems more possible though.
And as for Toda Erika..is it normal for an actress to be in a drama back to back? If this is an SP, I can see it happening, but if it is a drama, maybe Toda Erika's role will be given to someone else.
Ichida Yuki is a good actress~ though I don't know much about her schedule to see if this rumor sounds possible.
Anyway Ive checked the usual japanese drama rumors site and it has not been updated yet. So I guess, this rumor can be KIV-ed for now.
Don't get too excited ;)

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17 July 2008 @ 02:28 pm
Omedetou~! Shige was given a standing ovation after his 2nd show! Photobucket

#1 Familliar?


Motoko Ohbayashi. She is one of the vollyeball players. A very famous & talented one.
She went to watch Shige's stageplay and blogged about it.

A rough report on what she mentioned HERECollapse )

Now Im really regretting of not going for the butai. That damn $$$$...shouldn't have used it (>_<)
Today really sucks. Woke up with no voice at all & feeling very cold. Got news that I will not be getting my part-time job pay this month due to some stupid excuses from the higher ups!
And a friend is leaving the fandom for a good reason. Totally understand her position and wish her all the best <3 It's sad though.

#3 New Translator
I need a new translator for Shigesuki. A really good one. Since Shige's essays are too advance for just anyone to take up. Any takers?

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15 July 2008 @ 04:58 am
I fell asleep at 8pm!! Thank god I managed to wake up on time for the reports at midnight! XDD

Humans are made to be different so if you do not agree to my opinions, Im sorry about that.

#1 Shige was so moved by his fans~

Reading it in Japanese has a different feel to it! My friend's report was not a detailed one but I can feel her emotion.

L's comment after reading the report, "Even though I didn't see suddenly I feel full of pride."

Shige's fans are amazing!Collapse )

#2 Blonde Shige:

Im surprisingly not as surprised. Expected worse and having been a Johnnys fan, I have seen worse attempts. I believe that this hair won't last as long as his black mohawk (^_~)
Trust me! (lol what?)

Still~ the comments over at news_jpop....makes me laughs. Some are true though, like the "Ruka-look-alike" & "Grinch" part, I can so see the resemblance XDDD

But to diss Shige just because he looks like that now is (= =;)
yappari~ It was his looks that got his fans attention. If you go for his looks, then sad to say, you will be disappointed. Shige is one of those Johnnys who dare to try new things, especially experimenting with his hair. I'm waiting for the day he decided to go bald. Either that or keep his hair long, beyond shoulders' length XD He has been wanting to challenge himself on either those hairstyles.

Maa everyone has their own opinions~ but we have to make do with the blonde for now XP

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08 July 2008 @ 12:00 am
Shokura report on Shige's new look!

#1 From Saki-chan's blog

Shige's appearance is too good to describe in words.
His blonde hair looks good on him. It seems longer too. Shige seems to have loss some weight and his abodminal muscles is more obvious now!

#2 Shige's blonde is closest to my manip no.?
And it was very nice of Y-san to tell me about Shige the minute she comes back from Shokura recording earlier.. Arigachu Photobucket
She was super excited when she conveyed her reports Photobucket

"Shige's blonde hair is super kakkoii!!!
I think, at this moment, the most kakkoii person is Shige!!
Because it seems like wherever he goes, his aura seems to be "shining"
He wore a white shirt and jeans...It was a very enjoyable recording!"

According to her, the closest manip would be

THIS ;)Collapse )

#3 From Nana-chan's blog

The blonde suits him so well that she almost cried. LOL.

*Will report more on what she mentioned when I have calm down XD*

More on this shokura reports!Collapse )
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03 July 2008 @ 12:19 am
I FEEL LIKE FAINTING.............................................................